At Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference ( WWDC) 2018 — an event somebody said it would be so boring in this year with its software-only focus and lack of new iPads and MacBooks — the company had announced what may be its very important operating system with the introduction of iOS 12. Through a series of Siri features and enhancements, now Apple is turning its iPhone into a highly personalized device, which is powered by its Siri AI.
This “new AI iPhone” — which is to be clear, is your same old iPhone and running a new mobile OS — can understand where are you, what you need to know right then and there and what you are doing.

Siri Suggestions

 Siri’s Suggestions will be everywhere when the installation of iOS 12 is completed.
In the same place on the Search screen of iPhone where we today see Siri suggested apps to launch, now onwards we can see other things where Siri thinks you may need to know, too.
For example, Siri may suggest that you:
  • Calling your grandma for her birthday.
  • Turning off your phone to Do Not Disturb at the movies.
  • Starting your’s workout playlist as you are at the gym.
  • Turning off your phone to Do Not Disturb at the movies.
And so on….

In some cases, it will be so annoying for others,

Siri Suggestions also appears on the Lock Screen when it thinks it may help you to perform any action of some kind. For example, placing your coffee orders during the times of morning.— something you do regularly in the days— of launching a preferred workout app, as you have arrived at the gym.



Apple says after a while it will improve its Siri suggestions based on how users engage.

AI-powered workflows

These type of improvements to Siri is enough for iOS 12, but Apple even went further.
The Apple company also showed off a new app called Siri Shortcuts.
This app is based on the technology Apple had acquired from Workflow, a clever — it is also advanced — it is a task automation app which allows iOS users to combine different actions into routines which can be launched with just a click. Now, we should thank the Siri Shortcuts app, as those routines can be launched by our voice.
On stage at the WWDC event, the app was demoed by Kim Beverett from the Siri Shortcuts team, who showed a “heading home” shortcut which she had built.
When she tells Siri she is “heading home,” her iPhone at the same time she launched directions for her commute in Apple Maps, also set her home thermostat to 70 degrees Celsius, she also launched her favorite NPR station,  also turned on her fan and she also messaged an ETA to her roommate.

Developers to push users to Siri

 If users hide Siri in their “junk” folder, or else turning off all the Siri Suggestions in the phone Settings, then they would not be able to completely escape from Siri’s presence in iOS 12.
So, Apple also launched new developer tools that can allow the app creators to build directly into their own apps integrations with Siri.
Developers are going to update their app’s code so that at every time a user when  takes a particular action — for example, streaming a favorite podcast, starting their evening jog with a running app, placing their coffee order or anything else — the app will make Siri know
These will inform those Siri Suggestions which appear all over your iPhone.
In your favorite apps, you can start seeing an “Add to Siri” link or button in different places — like during you perform a particular action — like viewing travel plans in Kayak, ordering groceries with Instacart, looking for your keys in Tile’s app and so on.
The “Add to Siri” screen will then pop up, offering a new suggestion of prompt voice which can be used as your personalized phase to talk with Siri about this task.
 In the Kayak example, it could be “travel plans.” n the coffee ordering example, you might be prompted to try the phrase “coffee time.”
When you record something by saying, red record button at the bottom of the screen. When it will be completed, you will see a custom Siri shortcut.
You need not use the suggested phrase that the developer has written. The screen explains instead you can make your own phrase.
It can clearly confirm that your request has been acted upon — for example, Siri may respond, “OK. Ordering. Your coffee will be ready in 5 minutes,” then you said “Coffee time” or whatever your phrase was.
Or it can also tell you if something did not work — or the restaurant is out of food items on the order which you have you placed — and it also helps you to figure out what to do next.
It can even introduce some type of personality as it responds. In the demo, Tile’s app jokes that it hopes your missing keys are not under a couch cushion.
There are a number of things that you could do beyond these limited examples — the App Store has more than 2 million apps developers where the developers can hook into Siri.
And you don’t have to ask Siri only on your phone — you can also talk to Siri on your Apple Watch and Apple HomePod smart speaker, too.

Siri Suggestions are the new Notifications

We see, as Siri’s smart suggestions will spin up and traditional notifications will go away.
In iOS 12, Siri will also take a note of your behavior around its notifications, and then turn off those with which you do not engage, or be moving them into a new silent mode of Apple calls “Delivered Quietly.” This type of middle ground notifications will also allow apps to send their new updates to the Notification Center, but not to the Lock Screen. They also can not buzz your wrist or phone.
At the same time, iOS 12’s new set of features will hide notifications from users at particular times — like when you have enabled Do Not Disturb at Bedtime, for example. This mode doesn’t allow notifications to display when you are checking your phone at night times and it also shows notifications when you wake up.

Because of these changes, it will encourage more developers to adopt the Siri integrations.

Machine learning in photos

AI will further not filtrate other parts of the iPhone, too, in iOS 12.
A new “For You” tab in the Photos app will make users share photos taken with other people, we should thank machine learning and facial recognition.
This tab will also pull out your best memorable photos and feature them, and make you try different types of lighting and photo effects. A smart search feature is also present in this Photos app which will make suggestions and allow you to pull up photos from specific events or places.

Smart or creepy?

Overall, iOS 12’s AI-powered features will definitely make Apple’s devices highly personalized to you, but they could also make some people in the wrong way.
Maybe people do not want their habits should be noticed by their iPhone and will find Siri prompts annoying — or, at worst, creepy, because they do not understand how Siri knows these things about them.
Apple is banking so hard on the fact that it’s earned users’ trust through its stance on data privacy over the years.
And while not everyone knows that Siri can do a lot of its processing on your device, not in the cloud, many do seem to understand that the Apple does not sell users data to advertisers to make money.
That could help sell this new “AI phone” concept to consumers, and pave the way for more advancements later on.
But on the other side, if Siri Suggestions become so overbearing or get things wrong too often, it may lead users to just switch them off entirely through iOS Settings. And because of that, the market of the AI-powered device will effect.