GRAVY-The Online Mobile Show



GRAVY-The Online Mobile Show:

As the live mobile game show HQ Trivia is following the success, a team of serial entrepreneurs has started testing the market to see if any game show concept can work. Their new game show app is Gravy, which means riff on the “Price is Right”. It is combined with a QVC (Quality Value Convenience)-style shopping experience. In this mobile game show, the “participants” compete for discounts of 30%off to 70 % off the products advertised, with some part of the proceeds will go to charity. At least 20 percent of sales are given away to charity In addition, through a side game, users can guess  Users can guess whose quantities are unknown – when the product -will sell out and at what price by playing in a side game. The guy who guess the closest can win a cash prize. This startup was created by Brian Wiegand, Mark McGuire and Craig Andler – the team who founded, an older social shopping network which was captured by Microsoft company in 2007, to help create a Shopping network called Bing.

The team’s efforts show a complete passion for working with brands, but it is so difficult to get consumers to connect with the brands in different ways, as their track record shows. Therefore, they are now trying Gravy.

How Gravy works:

Every night, in the Gravy iOS, the app at 8:30 PM ET, a live host will unveil the product, where the products can be bought by users. Currently, the hosts work on a show contract basis. The hosts are usually local comedians. The items are typically anywhere from 2 to 20, players are not told how many numbers of items are available. Then the price will start to drop. If you buy early, you’ll have a chance to get it at a less discount. If you wait for a longer time, then the discount will become higher. However, we don’t know who else can grab it up first and when. If you wait too long, then the product could be sold out. If you’re not interested in the product, then you can guess when it will sell out i.e, at which price. The closest guy will receive a small cash prize – a split of maybe $300 or $200.

More about Gravy:


Brands like Gravy because they get millennials attention for seven or more minutes, Wiegand says. “They love the engagement. It’s a highly engaged audience…I have a chance to buy the products, so I’m heavily engaged in thinking about that product. However, none of this is proven out yet – Gravy is just a couple of weeks old. About 50% percent of products are donated by brands like 23andMe, 3D Doodler, Tapplock, and others. The rest is subsidized by Gravy, including the bigger draws – like a DJI drone. A “Price is Right”-style app would be a lot of fun, but this isn’t it – it’s, at the end of the day, an invitation to watch an ad and shop at a discount. It’s not something consumers need to do every day, long-term – even if you try to woo them with a small cash prize won through a guessing game. And like Trivia HQ, which was dropped from a top 20 apps to the 140’s! Wiegand says he is so bored with these trivia apps in a few weeks, but he says Gravy is so different.


“I always shop and I always like a deal. The deal industry and the shopping industry are so much larger than the trivia space,” Wiegand insists. “And the thrill of seeing a product that you like going down into the sixties and seventies percent off is unbelievably thrilling,” he says. “We are able to feature things that have the best price on the planet of first-run products…it creates this heart-pounding, exhilarating an experience like, ‘Should I buy? Oh my God, look at this price. I can’t turn it down,’” he says. The company raised $2.1 million in funding from a range of investors, which includes the founders at the turn of the year.


So, this new mobile show is becoming so popular on the internet. If you want to try this new game show, click here.