One Plus 6 will become nearly perfect when…

One Plus 6
One Plus 6


The Best-value phone is now available at the market! Once again OnePlus made an innovation OnePlus 6, a phone whose performance is so great to use. Here’s the thing, though. OnePlus, a Chinese brand out of Shenzhen, which crested the pinnacle of mobile performance and design. It’s that the hardware and overall experience of using the handset is the best deal This is the best phone you can buy for very good features that many people want. Actually, there are better phones than OnePlus 6 where devices have more battery life(mAh), more features and also cutting-edge technology. iPhone X phone has secure Face ID. OnePlus 6 is also a secure phone but it does not have face unlock feature. One plus 6 has an option of wireless charging. Some phones like Samsung, LG, Huawei, and Apple can submerge in water. But One Plus 6 is merely splash-proof. It has a processor which is a fastest one, it also has updated android version, it also has a good camera with portrait mode and a beautiful design.


One Plus 6 has a battery life of nearly 16 hours which is a pretty good score in techmypassion’s phone tests, where we loop video in airplane mode until every last bit of power dries up. The OnePlus 6 lasts longer than the iPhone X and Google Pixel 2 XL. One Plus 6 has a battery capacity of 3,300 mAh.



In One plus 6 portrait mode is pretty good. You know, Portrait selfies, because, unlike most marquee phones, that particular feature doesn’t exist yet for this mobile phone. The phone promises that they we’ll get the feature, but later, and it’s never a good look.  Front facing camera of this phone has 16-megapixel but it didn’t look as well-balanced as on phones like the Google Pixel 2. And the phone weirdly crops selfie videos to cut your head from the frame. Selfies are such a major part of the way people interact with phones, it’s crucial to get this right.



The OnePlus 6 has great storage options… in theory: 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB. But popping in MicroSD card is obviously cheaper than buying the next model up if you can even find it in your country.

But One Plus company has a major defect: the price of the phone is gradually increasing. If One Plus clears these problems, then the phone will be more perfect.